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Previous and Current Clients...

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An audio drama about a mismatched squad of conscripts forced to face much more than just an impending war.

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"Nick Higham is shivers-up-your-spine AMAZING. Not only is he mind-blowingly talented, but he is a gem of a human. Nick is easy to work and communicate with, and wants to make your vision come to life with carefully crafted melodies. He is positive, inspired, and will be scoring your favorite movies someday. We first came to Nick for an intro theme for our upcoming audio drama, the Scrapers, and he blew us away with what he sent back... so we asked him to stay on for the entire project. 10/10. No regrets. Hire this man!" - Scrapers



Join two life long friends as they dive into the world of hypotheticals. Each episode they surprise each other with a scenario to see how the other will react in a tight spot.

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Starfarers (Podcast)


Starfarers is an upcoming audio drama about four teens that are accidentally yeeted into space but the aliens offer to take them home, but not without trouble... (coming soon...)

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"Nick is an absolutely incredible composer. He's also a complete joy to work with. He took my rambling ideas and random clips of musical inspiration and turned it into a killer theme song that is going to sound amazing at the beginnings of every episode of my show."


Top of the Round (Podcast)

An actual play / TTRPG / DnD Podcast! What happens when a naive druid, a mysterious drow elf, and an orphaned monk are roped into becoming mailmen for a goddess? 

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