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As a Music composer I work with all sorts of different media and Clients. This might include; Podcasts, Tv shows, Web Series, Corporate Videos, Production libraries, Theatre, Animation, Video Games, Corporate Videos, Trailers, Student films and the list goes on!


The specific purpose of music on any given media project Varies depending on what the client wants to achieve with their project.


Heres a couple of examples:

Audio dramas

Audio Dramas use a lot of dialogue, using voice actors to tell a story. And because there's no visual imagery along side audio dramas, It's imperative that the listener is able to imagine the scenes being set by the Voice actors or narrator.

Music can really help with this. However,

When adding music to Audio Dramas, a More subtle approach is usually needed to ensure the frequencies of the Music used don't conflict with the Frequencies of the actors voices.

In some circumstances,

There May be occasions where sound effects, foley & Music is used Purely on their own to portray a scene which may allow for more intense and explosive music.

Corporate Videos 

Similar to Audio Dramas, Corporate videos usually need a subtle approach, as they are usually used to explain Briefs to Employees or used as Training for new employees. Some corporate videos may often be used to promote a companies brand. So again, A lot of Dialogue will usually be a big part of these projects. Corporate music is usually upbeat and uplifting. Its not often that I will compose a custom piece of music for a corporate video as the video producer will search through a catalogue of music specifically designed to meet this purpose. composers like my self will usually have a catalogue of music available for video producers to look through.

Here's a link to my catalogue:  Music Catalogue 


Video Games

Video Game music has come a long way since the days of the Commodore 64 or the Atari. Due to limited space available on Sound chips, Music on 8-bit chips for example could only handle a limited number of sounds, and bearing in mind there still had to be room left for the sound effects too! This made it a difficult challenge for early composers to make their music sound good and be memorable. However they managed to do just that. I bet you still remember the themes from some of you favourite games Growing up.

As video gaming has evolved with better technology available, this has allowed modern video games to have scores comparable to blockbuster films with live orchestral recordings or even pop songs from the charts.

Chip tune music as its generally referred to now however, still holds a place in many peoples hearts including modern game developers. And even with the possibility of having action packed orchestral scores, chip tune music is still often requested by game developers and to be honest I don't blame them for wanting the keep the Nostalgia alive! 

Student films or animations

I Write a lot of music for student films, Usually they tend to be short productions ranging from between 10 to 20 minutes in length. 

These films or animations can be anything from Horror & Sci-fi to dramas and love stories. Many student films go on to feature at festivals and win awards! There have been various famous film makers that have been launched in to fame because of their short films.

Most notably, Steven Spielberg's early short film "Amblin" picked up the attention of Sid Sheinberg, Who signed Steven to a 7 year contract with Universal Television.  

Budget can be a big issue for students early in their careers and often pull in favours from friends and family. because of this I offer student film makers a 50% discount for my composing services and do my best to promote them as much as I can.

If you are a student working on a short film, then please feel free to drop me an email and discuss and music requirements with me. there's never any obligation to hire me and I'll do my best to help you out where I can.

Just remember me when you hit the big time!

My Subscribers get a free music pack when they sign up and also receive a free production music track every month.

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Everything else!

Regarding any other projects you might have, I'm always happy to just have a friendly conversation with you about your music requirements.

Please feel free to get in touch via email: 

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