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A calm yet sometimes ominous mix of Medieval / World Music tracks based primarily on instruments like the Cherrango and bongos. This captivating Pack will become an “ear worm” for your players, ensuring that they never forget your game And look forward to playing it again!

Ive created this pack with multiple edits for your Convenience and ease!

(Loop intro fades) - Are designed to be triggered once the player reaches the end of the level.

(Stingers) - can be used when a player lost or died or won or did something special.

Ive included tracks with and without percussion so you can re-use the same track on different levels keeping the theme consistent while changing the dynamic a Little each time.

This pack contains 30 files to use in your game or multiple games!

4x main tracks split in Multiple versions Each.

  • “Onwards! (LOOP)

  • “Onwards! (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “Onwards! No Percussion (LOOP)

  • “Spooky but calm” (LOOP)

  • “Spooky but calm” (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “Keep Moving!” (LOOP)

  • “Keep Moving!” (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “Keep Moving!” No Percussion (LOOP)

  • “Keep Moving!” No Percussion (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “Almost There! (LOOP)

  • “Almost There! (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “Almost There! No Percussion (LOOP)

  • “Almost There! No Percussion (LOOP Intro Fade)


3x ambient pads Split into 2 versions each.

  • “Eerie Pad” (LOOP)

  • “Eerie Pad” (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “Mystical Pad” (LOOP)

  • “Mystical Pad” (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “5 Min calm Pad” (LOOP)

  • “5 Min calm Pad” (LOOP Intro Fade)


3x Level complete / Well done stingers

  • “Well Done stinger 1” 

  • “Well Done stinger 2”

  • “Well Done stinger 3”  


3x You Lost! / Oh No! Stingers.

  • “Oh no! Stinger 1”

  • “Oh no! Stinger 2”

  • “Oh no! Stinger 3”


2x Boss Level action Tracks. 

  • “War Drums” (LOOP)

  • “War Drums” (LOOP Intro Fade)

  • “Monster Rage” (LOOP)

  • “Monster Rage” (LOOP Intro Fade)


1x 10 min Outro Pad (For credits)

  • “10 Min calm Pad” (Outro)


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions before purchasing!

I’m always happy to help as best as I can. 

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